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At Ananda Lodge our mission is to provide intimately curated healing experiences that regenerate your being, and pay respect to sacred medicine traditions


Our goal is to create a ripple effect of healing that begins with the reconnection to self and extends outward to all of humanity and the planet.

Sacred Reverance

We honor this through the lens of integrity and reverence for the healing plants and the wisdom keepers that carry these sacred rituals and traditions.

Our Guiding Principles

Dharma Realization

Accessible Healing


Trauma -Informed Care

Sacred Reciprocity

Regenerative Leadership

Pura Vida

Honoring Sacred Traditions of Healing

Ananda Lodge Costa Rica

“Ananda,” in Sanskrit, encapsulates the profound sense of bliss, particularly after a transformative process of rebirth. This bliss is identified with the bliss that is brought to the self by its release from the shackles of the body.

Heal in an
Intimate Setting

Reunite with Source

Instead of an escape from life, Ananda Lodge offers an opportunity to reunite one’s self with source, with spirit, with soul.
Realigning to the rhythms of your body through the deep listening and stillness brought on by being held in nature’s bounty. To be held and caressed by the wind, supported by the earth, cleansed by the water, and soothed by the sounds of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Ananda Lodge

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Pura Vida!

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