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Ayahuasca Retreat Costa Rica; What is Ayahuasca

Spreading Healing

We believe that medicine and healing comes in many forms. Our principle of “Accessible Healing” not only extends opportunities to those in need most, but also to a variety of healing modalities that are in alignment with our mission to provide intimately curated healing experiences that regenerate your being, and pay respect to sacred medicine traditions.

Ananda Lodge carefully selects all retreat partners and hosts to ensure they align with our core values and trauma-informed principles. Our guests’ safety and well-being is always our foremost priority .If you are interested in hosting a retreat, we are here to support your journey.

Whether it involves working with sacred plant medicine, engaging in yoga and breathwork practices, experiencing the transformative power of sound healing, or embracing any other healing modality that resonates with you and your guests. Our goal is to make your retreat not just a gathering but a transformative and unforgettable journey for all participants.


Private Luxury Sanctuary

Our property is designed to create unique spaces for self-reflection and community gathering. With beautifully designed functional landscape to attract birds and local species, and spaces dedicated to deep reflection and community celebration.

When you choose to host a retreat with us, you gain exclusive access to our entire property and an array of exceptional amenities. Each room is thoughtfully designed with local artisanal woods and finishes, highlighting our focus on sustainability. Your guests will love the custom-designed bathrooms with open-air showers and large balconies that overlook the property and the Pacific Ocean.

Property Accommodations:

Luxury Ocean-View Lodge

8 rooms designed for double or single occupancy

Jungle Casitas

3 private, queen bed jungle-view casitas with jungle terrace view

Host Home

2 bedroom, fully-equipped home and expansive jungle-view terrace

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Nestled down in the jungle you will find our maloca/yoga shala which serves as an ideal place for medicine work, yoga, meditation, sound, and further workshops. To enhance your well-being and relaxation, we offer an open-air private treatment area where your guests can receive healing services amidst the serene Costa Rican landscape.

Your guests will feel one with nature as they relax in our natural stone, infinity-edge pool with sweeping ocean views. They can schedule a massage or sound healing session in our private, open-air Healing Hut nestled serenely within the jungle.

A private chef can elevate the experience with thoughtful culinary menus tailored to your tastes, ensuring a dining experience that’s as delightful as it is nourishing.

Our dedicated concierge team at Ananda Lodge is committed to ensuring that your Costa Rican experience is nothing short of extraordinary. They specialize in crafting personalized activities tailored to your preferences, ensuring that your guests’ experiences are deeply nourishing and fulfilling.

Beautiful tropical Pacific Ocean coast in Costa Rica


Our strategic location is just a short 6-minute drive from Playa Grande beach. Known as a renowned world-class surf destination, Ananda Lodge is a perfect choice for surf enthusiasts and those who cherish the beach and its natural beauty.

Located near the bustling tourist town of Tamarindo, guests can enjoy shopping, dining, and cultural immersion experiences with a short car or boat ride.

The international airport of Liberia is just 75 minutes away, making our destination easy to get to from many worldwide locations.

Ayahuasca Lodge Costa Rica

Cultural Immersion

Ananda Lodge is dedicated to curating truly unique and intimately tailored healing experiences for you to host your retreat. If you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural exploration, our concierge team is here to design activities that align with your desires.

Explore natural wonders like lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, majestic volcanoes, and vibrant wildlife reserves. Discover the magic of Costa Rica’s Pacific coastline through sailing trips, where you can explore the ocean’s vastness, encounter marine life, and savor the coastal panoramas.Immerse yourself in the sheer beauty and biodiversity that this country has to offer.

To delve into the rich cultural heritage of Costa Rica, our concierge team can organize immersive experiences like cooking classes, coffee and chocolate tours, and visits to local markets. These activities offer a deeper understanding of the country’s traditions and way of life.

If you are seeking adventure, our team can plan exhilarating experiences such as zip-lining, hiking through pristine landscapes, horseback riding, and thrilling wildlife safaris. Immerse yourself in the excitement of Costa Rica’s natural beauty.