Join us for an intimate healing experience with Shipibo honored traditions

At Ananda Lodge we believe that time, space, intimacy, and nature are medicines lost in our modern culture today. Experience the magic of a deep, full system reset with the power of plant medicine, intimate 1:1 somatic integration care, and the serenity of Costa Rica.

Come join us for a sacred medicine healing experience like no other.


Unlock the power of healing in true intimacy with a retreat limited to 8 people. An approach rare in the medicine space today, yet central in traditional tribal healing communities.

Experience the power of healing in an intimate, trauma-informed container where your CARE is our highest priority. As our pasajeros, it is our promise to be with you every step of the way, from booking and preparation, through to ceremony navigation, and post-retreat integration. We offer an all-inclusive, holistic approach to plant medicine healing and support.


Our Signature Reset Retreats are designed for individuals seeking an authentic medicine experience, from deep healing lineages, in an accessible, beautiful location. Individuals that view healing as a sacred journey to be honored, and not rushed. Those desiring to work deeply with the medicine for lasting transformation and healing.

  • Traditional medicine experience with highly skilled Shipibo healers
  • Supportive, trauma-informed CARE team
  • Somatic tools and resources for nervous system regulation
  • 1:1 time with healers and CARE team
  • Eco-sustainable, private luxury accommodations

Ananda's Signature Reset Retreat

10 Day / 9 Night Ayahuasca Retreat

Playa Grande, Costa Rica


Join us for an intimate 10 day, Shipibo-led Ayahuasca healing experience in the sacred land of Costa Rica.

Here's what's included:

  • 8 Participants Max
  • 10 Day/9 Night stay in private king bed accommodations
  • 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies
  • 4 integration sessions
  • Traditional vomitivo to clear away stagnant energy
  • Multiple floral baths to deepen healing experience
  • Personal healing sessions & engagements with maestra
  • Somatic embodiment workshops and resources
  • Culinary immersion experiences
  • Time for nature, creative exploration, and ocean cleansing
  • Deep rest and restoration for the nervous system
  • Monthly Ananda community gatherings (donation-based)

Welcome to Ananda Lodge

Be held in serenity and seclusion in our brand-new, beautiful Costa Rican retreat center overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Tucked away high in the trees, you will feel one with birds, monkeys, and butterflies, with landscaping meticulously designed to attract local species and provide food as medicine.

Enjoy sustainable luxury and artisanal furnishings in your single occupancy king bedrooms, perched high on the mountain with sweeping views. Enjoy food grown right on property and be one with birds and butterflies in our living gardens landscaping designed to attract local floral and fauna.

In our most sacred space, pasajeros will feel at home with nature in our expansive maloca, complete with all local Costa Rican wood finishings and beautiful high ceiling. Perched on the side of our mountain, you will feel as if you are floating in the trees, held in the arms of mother nature.

Ayahuasca Lodge Costa Rica

Meet Our Gentle Shipibo Maestros

At Ananda Lodge we work with some of the most respected and powerful healers (Onanyas) from the Shipibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon.

Ayahuasca Shaman Costa Rica

Our Shipibo maestras and maestros are gentle, loving beings who have dedicated their lives to helping others heal through sharing their sacred medicine traditions. Through years of deep commitment and solitude to various master plants, the healers call upon their plant spirit allies to bring energetic healing into the body.

While ayahuasca by itself can be considered deeply healing, it is the skill and level of mastery of the curandera(o) that profoundly impacts the depth of healing. Through the singing of their icaros, or sacred healing songs, the curendera(o) deepens their connection with the medicine in relationship with plant spirits and ancestors. This allows them to channel protection, strength, healing and guidance into the ceremony space and when working one-on-one.

Oni, in Shipibo, is the name for the Ayahuasca brew. At Ananda Lodge Retreats, we operate with the highest level of integrity when serving medicine. Ayahuasca medicine that is brewed for our retreats is done with sacred reverence and prayer to provide deep healing for those who consume it.

Learn more about Shipibo healing practices

The Shipibo-Conibo are indigenous people who originate from the Peruvian Amazon. They are deeply rooted in their spiritual beliefs of healing with plants and gain their healing powers and wisdom directly from the plants. Evident through their icaros, or healing songs, and traditional textiles, or kenes, the Shipibo believe in the concept of an all-encompassing reality of oneness. The Shipibo follow a very specific progression of healing work with pasajeros that ensures the utmost safety, protection, and deepest access to removing trauma burdens and emotional imprints. Interested pasajeros can learn more by downloading this study from ICEERS.

Creating a New Paradigm of Plant Medicine Healing

At Ananda Lodge we prioritize healing over profits. We believe that sacred healing, steeped in traditional approaches, should be available to everyone.

What you will find with our Signature Reset Retreat, is a comprehensive and deep approach to healing that begins the moment you register. Unlike most centers, we include 4 individual sessions to help you prepare, navigate, and integrate the wisdom of the plants. We prioritize healing over profit, where the level of service and support you receive, far exceeds any medicine experience in Costa Rica. This compassionate approach aims to serve those in need most – first responders, war veterans, healthcare workers, survivors of abuse, and those from traumatic or marginalized backgrounds.

The Thread of Support Before, During, & After

Integration Beyond the Norm

Our philosophy of C.A.R.E is based on the principles of Compassion, Acknowledge, Reverence, and Embodiment. It is these principles that serve as the backbone of our trauma-informed model. Compassion as the cornerstone of healing, Acknowledgement of the trauma imprints we all carry, Reverence to the plants, and Embodiment as a roadmap for lasting healing and integration. As our pasajeros, it is our promise to be with you every step of the way, from booking, to preparation, through to navigation, and post-retreat integration. Learn more about our healing philosophy.


  • Intimate, 75 minute plant medicine preparation call with an experienced CARE team member
  • Access to additional Ripple Effect Healing Packages
  • Virtual community gathering to orient you to our onsite CARE team & fellow retreat participants


  • Two on-site, plant medicine navigation sessions with a designated CARE team member
  • On-site workshops and experiences to deepen the healing process
  • On-site, intimate engagement with our Shipibo healer


  • Post retreat, 75 minute integration call with an experienced CARE team member
  • Monthly donation-based, Ananda Community Gatherings accessible to all participants
  • FREE integration hotline available to all retreat participants

Book a Discovery Call with a CARE Team Member

Ayahuasca Retreat Costa Rica; What is Ayahuasca

Traditional Tribal Healing

Traditionally, Shipibo plant medicine healing was an intimately shared experience amongst community members. In the West, we have moved away from this with an eye on profit and maximizing returns, versus optimizing the environment for the healers to work within.

At Ananda, we believe in traditional tribal healing where every pasajero is seen, witnessed, and intimately cared for. Our small group size allows the healers more time to do their healing work, more capacity for our CARE team members to intimately support you, and an increased ability for you to go deeper, and safer with the medicine.

Ripple Effect Healing Packages

At Ananda Lodge, we believe in empowering our guests with somatic resources and tools to access their own inner wisdom and power.

Our Ripple Effect Healing Packages place a strong emphasis on the somatic process, the intricate relationship between the body and mind, and empowering pasajeros to reunite with the innate intelligence of the body.

We offer 3 programs designed to support your healing journey. Each program is designed to meet you where you are at, and can begin pre or post retreat with us.

Ripple Healing

Learn more about our Healing Packages below:


Deepen your process of healing with a Plant Medicine Specialist

At Ananda Lodge we don’t believe in offering one-off integration sessions. Instead we believe in building relationships and threads of continuity that support your ongoing healing and CARE.

If you are looking for integration support with a Plant Medicine Specialist, choose from a package below:


3 Session Package: $450


5 Session Package: $650 (14% savings)


7 Session Package: $850 (20% savings)


Discounts given if bought at time of retreat registration



A guided journey of somatic exploration, embodiment, and empowerment.

For those wanting to harness the keys of nervous system regulation, this program is designed for you.

Work 1:1 with a Somatic Specialist on a journey of empowerment where you will learn how to tap into your innate somatic wisdom, release patterns of trauma and walk away with increased capacity, resiliency, and overall vitality.


Month 1 – Awareness & The Nervous System

  • Unlock the keys to mapping and tracking your nervous system
  • Understand why this is important for emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual capacity.
  • Learn how the ventral vagal system is intimately tied to your overall health and well-being

Month 2 – Embodiment & The Felt-Sense

  • Explore the art of titrating into bodily sensations
  • Understand and unlock the wisdom held within the felt-sense.
  • Realize the power of the embodied self through uncovering deeper states of connection

Month 3 – Empowerment & The Path Forward

  • Gain the skills to identify, resolve, and repair trauma imprints
  • Release stories, behaviors, patterns, and beliefs stored in the nervous system.
  • Create a resilient nervous system through presence, breath, visualization, and compassion


1:1 Coaching

  • Six, 75-minute private sessions with a Somatic specialist delivered across 3 months
  • Be guided through techniques designed to regulate the nervous system
  • Explore patterns of tension, trauma, and stress held deep within the body


Somatic Resources

  • Resources for nervous system awareness, regulation, embodiment, and empowerment
  • Step-by-step guides to put your learnings into action


Self-Guided Practices

  • Recorded meditations and practices to deepen your body-mind connection
  • A series of self-guided practices accessible to you through out the program

PRICE: $1250

Payment plans available

Discounts given if bought at time of retreat registration

Contact us to learn more!



In our level 3 healing program, you will be guided on a 6 month journey of wholistic healing and whole-being transformation.

Did you know that 80% of all disease occurs through patterns of chronic stress or unresolved trauma?


Did you know that every atom, molecule, cell, gland and organ have a unique frequency, and that disease happens when this unique frequency is altered?


Did you know there are ancestral healing systems that can teach us how to remove these imprints and return ourselves to a state of health, vibrance, and joy?


Welcome to the Art of Personal Regeneration. A program sure to shake you up, get you unstuck, re-aligned, and reinvigorated to live life to your fullest capacity. A program designed to excavate trauma, habits, and choices so that you may too be liberated and full of joy. A program that will transform your life and regenerate your being.


Be guided on a 6 month journey of wholistic healing, whole-being transformation, and reclamation of your spirit and soul essence.


During this program you will unlock the 8 keys to personal regeneration

Peace through Presence

  • Generate peace and content through healing affirmations & present moment awareness

The Sacred Power of Prayer

  • Tap into the divine gifts of the Universe through a daily prayer practice

Plant Healing Intelligence

  • Work with plant medicine and adaptogenic herbs to transmute stuck energy, increase focus, and promote overall well-being and relaxation

Energy Centers of the Body & The Medicine Wheel

  • Understand their unique role in health and disease and how to balance them for optimal health and vitality

Food & Herbs as Medicine

  • Learn how to cleanse, nourish, and detox your body as you cycle through life’s ups and downs

Energy Transmutation

  • Regulate your nervous system with meditation, yoga, and somatic re-programming

Earth-Based Wisdom

  • Reawaken your innate divine healing wisdom to manifest your most joyful life

The Magic of Love & Forgiveness

  • Learn how to turn inward with loving compassion to alchemize hurt, grief, and trauma imprints


Personal Mentor Coaching

  • Bi-weekly sessions to explore patterns and ways of being that have kept you stuck

Plant Medicine Support

  • Trauma-informed plant and herbal medicine coaching and protocols

Personal Healing Ceremonies

  • Two shamanic drum journeys to connect with your Power Animal and Spirit Guides

Sound Healings & Meditations

  • On-demand access to personal sound healings and guided meditations for every Chakra

8 Transformational Workbooks

  • A deep dive into each energy system and how to bring it into balance
  • Ancestral knowledge of each direction of the Medicine Wheel
  • Shamanic guidance on navigating the subtle energy body for optimal health
  • Daily mantras, affirmations, and prayers uniquely designed for each phase
  • Journal prompts and action steps to re-wire your thoughts and pattern
  • Specialized nutritional focus by phase complete with healing recipes and herbal recommendations
  • Yoga and meditation recommendations

Download Program Brochure

PRICE: $3495

Payment plans available


Discounts given if bought at time of retreat registration


Contact us to learn more!

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