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Luxury meets eco sustainability

Welcome to Ananda Lodge, where eco sustainability meets luxury, tucked into the mountainside jungle of Playa Grande, Costa Rica.

Our property spans over 3300 square meters, offering guests a secluded hideaway just 6 minutes from some of the best surfing in the country.

In designing this property, no detail was too small. Jason and Kimberly have used their extensive background in real estate, tropical-living functional design, and curated healing experiences to create something truly unique.

Their vision was to combine luxury, with sustainability and together with Ubali Tropical Living, they have done just that.

We didn’t want to build just another hotel, we wanted to build something special, built together with those who know and love Costa Rica the most.

Honoring the land

Ananda Lodge Healing Center is the shared vision of a long-time dream of Jason and Kimberly. To take their extensive experience in real estate, combined with their love of nature and healing, and create a sanctuary that honors the land and elements of Costa Rica.

In building this vision, Jason and Kimberly sought out partners with extensive experience in guest experiences and sustainable architecture. Selectively they decided to partner with Investing Costa Rica and Ubali Tropical Living to transform their vision into reality.


Both Ubali Tropical Living and Investing Costa Rica are companies owned and operated by local Costa Ricans, an important factor for both Jason and Kimberly.

Together they have formed an alliance to create something that is not only unique with artisanal, earth-inspired designs, but that also honors regenerative land practices.

We employ local Costa Rican natives in every step and leverage all building materials that are local. We are grateful for their hard work and support in this project.

We’ve worked hard to minimize our impact by working with the land. Designing our space with, and around, the natural contours and landscape.

A Coming home

Stepping onto the property, immediately you feel an overwhelming sense of calm and peace. Removed from the noises of daily life, Ananda Lodge sits perched on the mountain with a picturesque view of the jungle and the Pacific Ocean.

The sound of birds and monkeys fill the air and as you settle in a remembering of coming home, back to nature, can be felt throughout the body.

Leveraging the natural beauty and landscape of Playa Grande, Ananda Lodge brings in inspiration from Bali, combined with natural Costa Rican woods and architecture. The natural tones, combined with funky, sophisticated design elements, create a special look and feel to the property.

Main Lodge - 01-1 Large
The main lodge

Capturing a sweeping view of the property and the ocean, our 8-room lodge is nothing but spectacular. With eco-sustainable construction and natural, local wood elements, the lodge is our primary housing for guests.

Guests enter their rooms through the back of the lodge, allowing for unobstructed views of the property and ocean from the oversized, private balconies.


Each room is thoughtfully designed for comfort, sustainability, and ultimate relaxation. Accommodations can be customized for single or double occupancy, as designated by the guest preferences.

Each room is outfitted with natural, local wood and stone accents, and an open-air shower to enhance your connection with nature.

Rancho - 02 Large
The rancho

Our rancho is perfectly designed to engage with other guests and enjoy farm-to-table meals. Set just outside the pool, our social area provides the opportunity for community and to engage with the chef.

Guests can relax while overlooking the jungle, the pool, and the ocean, while enjoying some local fresh fruit or juice. Our kitchen is outfitted with state of the art appliances, and an open-concept feel, so guests can be part of the cooking experience.

A main feature of our rancho is the large bar for guests to engage in conversation and the wood burning pizza oven, where fresh breads and pizzas will delight.

infinity edge pool

One of the most special features in the design of Ananda Lodge is the infinity-edge pool. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the natural-stone pool is custom-designed with 3 large sun shelves, making it the perfect space to relax and take in the natural surroundings.

Pool - 01 Large
The maloca

Nestled privately into the mountainside, our maloca serves as the sacred space for all our plant ceremonies, yoga, sound, and breathwork experiences. This special area was hand-crafted by experienced local builders using local teak wood and palm thatch.

Ayahuasca Retreat Costa Rica
The healing hut

Affectionately known as the Healing Hut, you will find this special place nestled on the side of the property , with the tranquil sounds of our seasonal stream. Receive a massage, sound, or other healing experiences that will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

Massage Deck - 02 Large

In designing Ananda Lodge, our focus was on creating intimate spaces for self-exploration, both designed for community gatherings, as well as inward reflection. It is our pleasure to build these unique spaces with your healing and restoration in mind.

We look forward to hosting you soon!

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