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The call to be of service

Jason and Kimberly, along with their two children, have chosen to forgo their lives as they formerly knew them to answer the call to be of service.

In doing this, they have needed to make sacrifices and put everything that they have into making this project happen.

And, they still need help.

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It is our vision to create a healing space that is intimate and special, for both healing work to be done, and for the healers themselves.

Where we need help most

Child's hand holds a handful of fertile soil.
The maloca

Due to the size and the placement of our medicine space on the land, the cost of building this structure is significantly more than originally anticipated.

And, without this exact space, we lack the ability to do our most intimate and sacred healing work.

Healer and staff housing

The second area of support needed is to create housing for our indigenous healers and CARE team members to reside onsite.

This ensures that they too have living arrangements that are sacred and restorative, so that they can most compassionately serve our guests.

“There is one word which may serve as a rule of practice for all one's life -reciprocity.”

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Irake, in the language of Shipibo, translates to thank you.

It is with our most sincere gratitude that our family thanks you for your consideration in supporting our project.

It is our hope that we can someday pay this forward and be a catalyst for the healing that the world so desperately needs.

Giving support

If you feel called to support our mission and would like to be part of what we are creating, we would be thrilled to have a conversation to further explore the potential of a partnership.

If you feel called to provide a donation of support, you can do so directly through our business Venmo account or by contacting us directly. Please choose the “Send to Friends and Family” option so that we can avoid fees.

With Love and Gratitude