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Ayahuasca Shaman Costa Rica

Ayahuasca Shaman Costa Rica
A return to wholeness

Inspired by this profound experience and the universe’s persistent calling, Kimberly made courageous life changes. She left her long-time corporate career, and following losing their home to Hurricane Ian, Jason and Kimbery purchased land in Costa Rica to open a healing center.

Kimberly’s transformation continued as she embraced ancient healing modalities and embarked on an apprenticeship in Ayahuasca Shamanism within the Shipibo-Konibo lineage (Ayahuasca Shaman Costa Rica). She became a trauma-informed plant medicine guide, sound healing therapist, and somatic trauma coach. Kimberly continues her deep study of shamanism and yerberismo, and is dedicated to creating safe and supportive healing containers.

Her participation as a founding member of the Plant Medicine Tribe underscores her commitment to the safe and inclusive use of plant medicine as a means of healing not only individuals but also the planet itself. Kimberly feels deeply honored to have had the experiences that awakened the profound remembering within her. – Ayahuasca Shaman Costa Rica

Benefits of Ayahuasca; Ayahuasca Shaman Costa Rica
Ayahuasca Shaman Costa Rica

"To endure the tragedies of the human conditions is why we all volunteer to return, and to offer kindness to the brokenhearted who have forgotten that they too are infinite spiritual beings who are not alone. We return to walk the Earth and to offer a multitude of sacred paths that will help every human being to tap into and embrace the Remembering."
Jamie Sams, Author Dancing the Dream