Restoring the Feminine Divine, a Womanly Healing Experience

Restoring the Feminine Divine, a Womanly Healing Experience

Embark on a journey of rediscovering the ancient art of feminine healing.

Immerse yourself in a profound journey of healing and empowerment during our all-inclusive 6 day/ 5 night retreat, designed specifically for women’s healing. Enjoy the eco luxury accommodations of Ananda Lodge, while you enjoy breath-taking ocean views and the serene surroundings of Costa Rica wildlife.


6 Day/5 Night private luxury ocean-view accommodations

2 group sound bath journeys

Exploring the energy body workshop

Ocean cleansing and evening sunsets

Daily yoga and somatic movement offerings

Sacred cacao ceremony

2 facilitated breathwork ceremonies

Fire ceremony

Maximum 14 women

Experiential food and herbal workshop

Optional 1:1 healing services


Delve into a transformative experience tailored to honor and nurture the divine feminine. Join us for an all-inclusive 6 day/ 5 night immersion where we will come together to explore ancestral healing modalities with food, yoga, herbs, and nature. 

Meticulously crafted to offer a harmonious blend of embodied practices and ample moments for relaxation, we offer you the opportunity to determine what is right for you. Join us for workshops, hands-on immersions, and a spectacular hike to the Rincon de la Vieja National Park waterfall and hot springs. Or, choose to relax by the pool, get a massage or personal sound healing, and indulge in the medicine of time, space, and nature. All this is available to you and for you in this unique, women’s only healing experience.  

"If you just allow your body and mind to rest, the healing will come by itself."
Thich Nhat Hanh

Imagine an experience where all of you is welcome. A coming together of women of all ages, stages, and phases seeking inner reflection, relaxation, and self empowerment tools.

If so, we have the perfect intimate immersion for you.

Step into a transformative journey with us, where women gather to rediscover their innate feminine essence, reclaim intuitive power, and explore the ancient art of personal renewal. An experience that will reunite you with your own internal healing intelligence to reclaim balance, harmony, and vitality in your life. An immersion designed to unlock your ability to regenerate physical, emotional, and spiritual capacity for sustainable change and deeper resilience for life’s ups and downs.

Together, Tania and Kimberly will share practical tools and techniques to increase self-compassion, inner vantage points, and somatic awareness. We will provide hands-on opportunities to create women’s herbal remedies designed for the feminine and nervous system nourishment and regeneration. You will learn ancient ways of working with the elements and your own cosmic blueprint to transmute energy for healing, protection, and lasting transformation. You will have the opportunity to ‘lose yourself’ in the flow of yoga and art exploration. And, you will experience the medicine of time, of nature, and of space to regenerate your capacity and resilience.

“Nature is the best physician”

Nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of Ananda Lodge’s sustainable luxury retreat center, situated in the mountainside of Playa Grande, awaits an unforgettable experience. Guests will be enveloped by nature’s splendor while indulging in five-star accommodations with captivating ocean views. Whether opting for single or double accommodations, our intimate setting promises a space for profound healing and growth.

Limited to just 14 participants, this immersive retreat is tailored for women yearning for deep healing, relaxation, and a reconnection to their inner wisdom. Through guided exploration of the subtle energy body, acquisition of self-healing tools, and empowerment with resources for vibrant living, you’ll embark on a journey towards reclaiming your feminine essence and embracing wholeness. Join us as we embark on this empowering voyage towards vitality and joy.

The Immersion

Embark on a holistic journey with us as we delve into the realms of healing encompassing the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions through the transformative practices of yoga, somatics, and breath. Together, we’ll peel back layers of self and gently address stored trauma within the body, utilizing the power of movement to liberate stagnant energy and facilitate emotional expression. Through daily yoga sessions and movement practices, we’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery, reuniting with our bodies through mindful movement. And through guided breathwork you will return to deep listening, thereby strengthening our connection to self, source, and our inherent internal power.

Experience the profound healing potential of sound as we engage in multiple transformative sound journeys, offering guests the option for personalized one-to-one sound therapy sessions. Addressing the diverse needs of women navigating change, grief, loss, and trauma, we’ll equip ourselves with invaluable tools to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and grace. Together, we’ll explore techniques to untangle the complexities of the mind, dissolve physical and energetic blockages, and realign with our internal reservoirs of strength.

Immersing ourselves in the nurturing embrace of nature, we will work with earth medicine to recalibrate our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

“Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine”

Experience nature as both the healer and the teacher during our unforgettable excursion to Volcano Rincon De La Vieja. Embark on a soul-nourishing journey as we traverse scenic trails to the La Cueva de la Leona waterfall, where the soothing cascade invites us to reconnect with the earth’s healing energy. 

Experience the restorative power of the elements as we luxuriate in the rejuvenating hot springs and mineral-rich mud baths, allowing the therapeutic warmth to hold the body and spirit. Depart from this sanctuary of serenity, enriched by the profound magic of time spent in communion with nature, space, and soulful connection.

Enhance your immersion with optional trips to the beach for morning ocean cleansings and picturesque evening sunsets. Enjoy downtime by the pool or receive a 1:1 healing treatment. Indulge in a final night celebration where we will enjoy food and wine as a celebration of our divine! 

Depart infused with a sense of groundedness, revitalization, and empowerment, poised to embrace and embody the fullest expression of your vibrant self.



Your Guides

Kimberly Ocana

As a recovering corporate leader, Kimberly experienced an awakening at age 40 that allowed her to listen and take action on her soul’s purpose of facilitating healing transformations for others. After spending 15+ years climbing the corporate ladder, driving large scale change and transformation efforts, she found herself living and metaphorically dying the untold story of my soul. Following two years of intense personal struggles, physical and mental burn out, and a loss of lifeforce vitality, she had finally hit rock bottom. Finding herself sick for 9 months, straddling daily between anxiety and depression, she knew something needed to change.

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Following a calling to go to the source of ancestral, indigenous healing, Kimberly embarked on a soul journey to the Peruvian Amazon. Working directly with the Shipibo tribe, within days the curanderos healed the ailments that had kept her chronically ill. She began to feel a sense of aliveness that had been dormant for so long, a sense of reconnection to self, to source, and her innate healing wisdom. That trip, inspired by the continuous nudge from the universe, started a trickle of transformation.

Now as a shamanic practitioner and vibrational healer, she works to repair and restore balance and vitality to the subtle energy body. As a transformational health coach and plant spirit guide, she leverages training in functional nutrition and plant medicine to realign and revitalize your physical being. As a yoga teacher and somatic sound therapist, she pulls on ancient wisdom to reprogram years of tension, anxiety, and trauma held deep within the body and energy fields. And as an empathic medicine woman, she calls upon all these tools collectively to bring you into vibrational resonance and harmony, facilitating deep healing transformations. It is her pleasure to be of service to you

Tania Savolle

Tania’s Interest in the yogic lifestyle began in her late teens. As she grew into a more spiritual sense of Self, her love and connection to her mat and the physicality of the practice did as well. Tania’s intention as a yoga teacher is to bring her students back home into their bodies, conscious of breath and aligned with the power that resides within.

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By consciously using the breath, Tania helps her students invite Prana and Presence into their space, and she strives to assist in expanding their awareness and opening their hearts to themselves and their yoga practice both on and off their mat. Tania has over 600 hours of training in different modalities of yoga and meditation that she has merged to create her own creative, harmonious flow of movement with breath and presence. Tania recently completed her training in Elemental Rhythm Breathwork and is now a Breathwork facilitator as well. 

Tania believes yoga is about bringing awareness to the present moment, bringing awareness to the breath, the body, the mind, the spirit, and to the Self. She believes that we all have a story in life, and although we are not always equipped to control what happens to us, we can control how we respond. Tania aims to leave individuals in their greatness through feeling lighter, more connected, and attuned internally. 

Womanly Healing Experience

Retreat Schedule

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4PM Arrival

5PM Welcome and Breathwork ceremony

6PM Dinner

7PM Cacao Ceremony & Sound Journey



6:45AM Ocean cleansing 

8AM Yoga Flow 

9AM Breakfast

10AM Exploring the Energy Body Workshop

12PM Lunch

4PM Guided Breathwork

5:30PM Yoga Nidra

6:30PM Dinner

7:30PM Fire



8AM Yoga Flow

9AM Breakfast

10AM Cleansing rites for the energy body

12PM Lunch

2PM Optional art exploration

4PM Gentle Yoga 

5PM Sunset at the beach

7PM Dinner




Trip to Waterfall, Hot Springs, and Mud Bath 

6AM Breakfast

6:30AM Departure

Spend the day at the park

5:30PM Arrive back at property

6:30PM Dinner

7:30PM Yin Yoga


8AM Yoga Flow

9AM Breakfast

10AM Herbal Remedies Workshop

12:30PM Lunch

4PM Gentle Yoga 

5PM Beach Sunset 

6PM Special Dinner Celebration

7:30PM Cacao & Sound Journey



6:45AM Ocean cleansing 

8AM Yoga Flow 

9AM Breakfast

11AM Depart


Ananda Lodge is a boutique healing center aimed at creating a ripple effect of healing through the reconnection of self and extending outward to all of humanity and to the planet. Our mission is to provide intimately curated healing experiences that regenerate your being, and pay respect to sacred medicine traditions. We honor this through the lens of integrity, reverence for the healing plants, and the medicine keepers that carry these sacred rituals and traditions.

At Ananda Lodge, eco-sustainability meets luxury, featuring local artisanal design elements and natural wood and earth tones. Spanning over 3300 square meters, our property offers a secluded hideaway just 6 minutes from some of the best surfing in the country.

Stepping onto the property, immediately you feel an overwhelming sense of calm and peace. Removed from the noises of daily life, Ananda Lodge sits perched on the mountain with a picturesque view of the jungle and the Pacific Ocean. The sound of birds and monkeys fill the air, and as you settle in, a remembering of coming home, back to nature, can be felt throughout the body.