Embodied Soul Immersion Retreat

Embodied Soul Immersion Retreat

The Embodied Soul Immersion Retreat unites modern therapeutic techniques with ancient and spiritual healing methodologies to create a deeply transformational healing experience.

Our four facilitators bring a holistic container to the plant medicine experience with decades of combined experience in clinical trauma (some specialities include Internal Family Systems therapy and Havening Techniques), indigenous healing and teachings, energy work, somatic and movement methods, narrative healing, and death doula work.


The Soul Embodied Immersion has been designed to do simply that: connect us back to our most authentic, loving, resilient soul pieces, illuminating the brilliance within us, and clearing any blockages in our embodiment so we can fully integrate these pieces to walk with us in the physical world. Our retreat is curated to meet you where you are in community, with the land, within yourself and with other participants. 


Partnering with Ananda Lodge is intentional and exciting.  Our team aims to provide the comforts and essentials to support your journey.  From walks around the property, to nearby excursions, to delicious meals prepared by (name), to gifted and caring retreat leaders and comfortable lodging all your needs will be met.

The week will include activities and ample downtime to prepare you for the medicine ceremonies, and support integrating the experience as you move back into your life at home. 


What do you hope to cultivate during your stay?  More connection?  Increased peace? Openness to experience healing trauma? Release? Self-witnessing?  Embodiment?  Equanimity?  What if you got to choose the experience you desire? 

This retreat wants to support an experience of you reclaiming and remembering what your internal wisdom wants and needs to flourish.  We are excited to be a part of your journey!

Psilocybin and Cacao Immersion - Ananda Lodge

The Medicine

Modalities include plant medicine (psilocybin and cacao), therapy, ancestral healing and medicine, indigenous teachings, energy work, breath work, somatic and movement practice, meditation, internal family systems work (IFS), psycho-sensory techniques like Havening and EFT,  cacao ceremony, a death ritual, and a sound bath.


A Traditional Mayan Cacao Ceremony

Medical pre-screening before you arrive

Opening and closing ceremonies

Integration therapy group session using Havening and EFT

Internal Family Systems therapy group session

Eco luxury ocean view accommodations

Daily Somatic Movement Sessions

A sound bath

Optional one-one-one healing / therapeutic treatments with the facilitators during, before, or after the retreat (additional cost) such as additional individual therapy and integration, energy healing work, ancestral channeling, individual body or movement work, etc

Two plant medicine (psilocybin) ceremonies

Daily meditation Sessions

A death ritual

Pre-trip preparation session

Post-trip integration session



Your Guides

Embodied Soul Immersion Retreat Sami Bass

Sami Bass

Sami began working in healing modalities with the body and meditation in 2009, teaching release-technique at the NW Classical Ballet. This technique encouraged listening to the body and its somatic impulses to learn how to move through experience; movement as liberation over discipline. From there she began to learn about injury recovery and the relationship between trauma and stored somatic experience, studying with the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries, the Equinox Academy, The Brookbush Institute for Human Movement Science, and Yoga Vida’s Sexual Abuse Trauma Informed Training. 


Sami has worked as a trauma informed movement specialist in NYC for over a decade, using her abilities to channel and intuit the body’s needs with clients ranging from professional dancers, MLB + NFL players, celebrities, and more. Gaining a vast understanding of movement, mechanics, and injuries she knew there was more to be learned about the connection between the spirit, the emotional body, and how the physical body functioned. She  began studying under Mayan Quechua and Shipibo-Conibo elders and healers who taught her the body through a spiritual lens, and honed my craft as a channel and medicine holder.

She has held space as a medicine facilitator and ancestral channel for nearly a decade, which has included such experiences as a combined movement-healing + ancestral medicines and channeling retreat for the Divine Dark Feminine in the Berkshires, focusing on female-identifying populations with cPTSD, as well as working 1:1 with medicine clients. Sami has trained with EntheoNation’s Plant Spirit School, graduating in psychedelic integration in March of ’23, as well as Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing International’s Trauma for BIPOC practitioners. She’s held channeling ceremonies to help business-owners and filmmakers with their endeavors as well as working with Sacred Matriarch and Ecko Aleck, creating healing containers that return humans to their ancestral and earth-based roots with a focus on environmental impact and community safety and inclusion.

Sami has also offered my trauma-informed consulting on dozens of movie sets, including recently pairing with The Red Sands Project on their documentary, We Ride for Her, shedding light on human-trafficking, and joining the board of directors for Hire Survivors Hollywood to curate less harmful working environments for survivors in Hollywood.

Courtney Loving

Courtney has been living, working and playing in the Wood River Valley for almost 10 years.  After studying and working in Georgia at a United Way Agency for 5 years, Courtney moved to Idaho and started her private practice as a trauma focused psychotherapist.  She quickly found a home working as a mental health partner with Higher Ground’s Veteran programs and in 2020 created the Ketchum Counseling Collective with a group of like-minded therapists and doctors. 

Her training in Georgia specialized in trauma and working with couples using Dr. Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. In Idaho she became certified in the Trauma Resiliency and Community Resiliency  models as well as a certified Havening Practitioner. In the past few years Courtney’s interests in working with trauma and Veterans, led her to pursue a certificate from the California Institute of Integrative Studies’ in psychedelic assisted therapy. 

Embodied Soul Immersion Retreat Courtney Love

Since graduating in 2022 Courtney continues to expand into this growing global community, attending multiple conferences across the country and joining the local Consciousness Medicine Collective.  Last April Courtney partnered with the Ketchum Community Library leading a conversation based on Michael Pollan’s Netflix series How to Change Your Mind. It is Courtney’s passion to build and support building beloved community in the Wood River Valley through honest conversation and reflection around trauma and psychedelics.  As entheogens become legal and expand into our therapeutic work, she plans to be a part of this movement and partner and embrace these ancient and wise ways of healing.

Embodied Soul Immersion Retreat Naomi Mcdougall Jones

Naomi Mcdougall Jones

Naomi is a storyteller, changemaker, energy healer, and certified death doula. In all of her work, she seeks to support individuals and our society in healing forward from the most damaging features of our past and weave a bridge to a more beautiful future using the power of story and the richness of the intergenerational life-death cycle. Naomi has written, acted in, and produced two award-winning feature films.

The first, Imagine I’m Beautiful (2014), collected 12 awards on the film festival circuit before receiving a theatrical and digital distribution deal and is now available on AmazonPrime. Her second feature, Bite Me (2019), was released via a paradigm-shifting 3 month, 51 screening, 40 city Joyful Vampire Tour of America that took the country by storm, and is now available on iTunes, GooglePlay, and Amazon.

She is currently at work on her next two feature films: Hammond Castle, an adult fairytale for which she received the honor of being the first artist in residence at the final home of Ernest Hemingway in Sun Valley, Idaho, and The Control Room, a psycho-sexual thriller co-written with Christian Coulson. Naomi is an advocate and thought leader for bringing gender parity to cinema. Her writing on this has appeared in The Atlantic, Ms. Magazine, and Salon.com, and she gave a virally sensational TEDTalk, What it’s Like to Be a Woman in Hollywood, which has now been viewed over 1 million times and can be seen on TED.com.

Naomi’s first book, The Wrong Kind of Women: Inside Our Revolution to Dismantle the Gods of Hollywood, debuted as a #1 Amazon bestseller and received an electric critical response, with The Christian Science Monitor calling it, “…an outpouring of passion that will change the ways in which movies are seen,” and is now available wherever books are sold. She is currently at work on her second book, Vivisection of a White Woman (by the Ghost of Ernest Hemingway and a Whole Host of Ancestors). She is the Founder of The 51 Fund, a private equity fund dedicated to financing films by women.

Their films Cusp and Shayda both premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and won a Special Jury Prize and the Audience Award respectively. Shayda is now Australia’s official submission for a 2024 Academy Award for Best International Feature Film. Her latest venture, reGEN media, is the first and only Indigenous-owned and female-led regenerative media studio. More at www.naomimcdougalljones.com.

Jules Rachlin

Jules is a psychotherapist with 15 years of experience in Healing Trauma and Restoring Wholeness. Jules has lived, studied, and worked in Montana, Colorado and now Idaho. She has a graduate degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University (Boulder, CO) and has completed  Level 1 and Level 2 training in Internal Family Systems, with areas of focus in neuroscience and Somatic IFS.

She has completed advanced training and certifications in EMDR, Gestalt therapy and Wilderness Therapy. She draws perpetual inspiration from the wisdom of nature, and feels passionate about the intersection of IFS + Nature + Psychedelics. Jules is in awe of human transformation. It moves her to see people shift from stuckness to the full expression of who they are. While exploring your inner landscapes you’ll be met by her curious and compassionate presence, her grounded and catalyzing perspective, and her unwavering support. She would be honored to walk this path with you.

Embodied Soul Immersion Retreat Jules Rachlin

Retreat Schedule

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Before you arrive

A half hour one-on-one medical intake and review session with one of the facilitators

Group zoom prep call with all four facilitators to open the container and begin to build the community

July 28th

Morning/early afternoon – participants are shuttled from Liberia to retreat center

Evening – opening welcome fire ceremony – exploration and announcement of group to the work

July 29th


– meditation and movement/somatic body work

– group Internal Family Systems therapy session with Jules Rachlin


– group prep work for plant medicine using havening and EFT with Courtney Loving


– extended movement/somatic body work session with Sami Bass – fascial release – prep the body for medicine

– first plant medicine (psilocybin) ceremony – from about 6pm – midnight

July 30th


-sleep in

-later (optional) meditation and movement/somatic body work


– group integration session from medicine ceremony


– death ritual ceremony with Naomi McDougall Jones – to ceremonially release who we have been and step into who we are becoming

July 31st


– meditation and movement/somatic body work


– sound bath

– traditional Mayan cacao ceremony with Sami Bass

– preparation for second medicine ceremony


– second plant medicine (psilocybin) ceremony – from about 6pm – midnight

August 1st


-sleep in

-later (optional) meditation and movement/somatic body work

Late Morning – Early Afternoon

– group integration session from medicine and other healing work

Late Afternoon

-down time & plus individual check-ins


– closing ceremony

August 2nd


– participants are shuttled back to Liberia

After you leave

One group zoom integration session a week or so after we depart




Ananda Lodge is a boutique healing center aimed at creating a ripple effect of healing through the reconnection of self and extending outward to all of humanity and to the planet. Our mission is to provide intimately curated healing experiences that regenerate your being, and pay respect to sacred medicine traditions. We honor this through the lens of integrity, reverence for the healing plants, and the medicine keepers that carry these sacred rituals and traditions.

At Ananda Lodge, eco-sustainability meets luxury, featuring local artisanal design elements and natural wood and earth tones. Spanning over 3300 square meters, our property offers a secluded hideaway just 6 minutes from some of the best surfing in the country.

Stepping onto the property, immediately you feel an overwhelming sense of calm and peace. Removed from the noises of daily life, Ananda Lodge sits perched on the mountain with a picturesque view of the jungle and the Pacific Ocean. The sound of birds and monkeys fill the air, and as you settle in, a remembering of coming home, back to nature, can be felt throughout the body.

Complimentary Discovery Calls with one of our facilitators are available upon request Retreat registration is not confirmed until intake form is completed and reviewed on an intake call with a member of our staff